This website is in memory of our friend John Eatock.

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We knew this as The Diggers Song. It was written by Leon Rosselson I am told. Singer - John Eatock.

Singer - John Eatock. Written by Garry Shaw.

Video designed by Barry Hodkinson - Thanks Barry

Singer - John Readett. Written by Dave Hayes


Video designed by Barry Hodkinson - Thanks again Barry

Singer - John Eatock. Arrangement of a traditional song.

Tunes in the Morris Dance tradition. Melodeon - Eric White

Irish tune by O'Carolan. Fiddle Dave Hayes


Band (from left to right): Dave Hayes, Eric White , John Eatock, John Readett


John Eatock - Guitar, Whistle
Eric White - Accordion, Melodeon
Dave Hayes - Mandolin, Fiddle
John Readett - Guitar


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A few other tracks recorded somewhere around 2014 (I think) on my 8 Track at home.

Dave Hayes - Mandolin
John Readett - Guitar, Singer
Terry Bailey - Banjo, Guitar

The Nightingale

Calico Dress

Peggy Gordon

Hard Times


Here he is with Michael Joyce as The Fettlers